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Bontrager NCS Fender Set

€ 50,99 € 59,99(UVP) (UVP) (UVP) Modell 09150
Patented No-Cut-Strut fenders allow quick, easy, and precise installation.
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Bontrager NCS Bicycle Fenders

Our patented "No-Cut-Strut" bicycle fenders allow quick and simple installation to keep you dry and your bike clean. The adjustable arms allow ultra-precise placement so you can tailor the fit faster than you can pull a shot of espresso.


  1. Fully assembled fenders that install in minutes with only two tools
  2. No-cut struts allow quick strut adjustment for proper tire clearance
  3. Made of lightweight yet super-durable polycarbonate
  4. Double-back strut on rear fender adds support and stability
  5. Stainless steel hardware
  6. 26" fits 1.75-2.25" width tires

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