Town / Bikes that let you live the two-wheeled life. Haul, commute, get fit, represent, have fun.

Trek town bikes have an agenda: make the world a happier, healthier place by getting more people on bikes more often. We make the best bikes for every purpose and every rider: smart, fun, bikes that fit the way you work, play, and live. Go by bike!

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Ear-to-ear grin ahead

  1. Comfortable. Frame geometry and touchpoints are designed for ultimate comfort.

  2. Confident. Heads-up posture and higher hand position give you confident control.

  3. Versatile. Keep your ride light and lean, or throw on racks and mudguards.

Dual Sport

One bike does it all

  1. Fun. Hop on your bike and go. Wherever you want.

  2. Practical. Rack and mudguard mounts add real-world, all-weather utility.

  3. Versatile. Trail or street, why choose? These bikes give you the best of both worlds.

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