Fast is everything

Madone is race-bike royalty. This incredible frame combines a super-aero shape with a phenomenally light, stiff ride feel that wins on any terrain.

Madone has charged the steepest climbs, staged the biggest comebacks and carried the greatest legends. It will take you past your limits and beyond your expectations.

  1. Super-aero frame Revolutionary KVF tube shape, tip-to-tail integration, and internal cable routing make Madone an aerodynamic game changer.

  2. Tour-winning tech Net Molding, StepJoint, BB90, E2, internal cable routing, Ride Tuned seatmast, DuoTrap. This bike is loaded with performance enhancements.

  3. No compromise Aerodynamics, weight, technology, performance, ride feel... you get the absolute best of everything in one flawless package.

  4. Pro-level ride At the heart of every Trek road bike lives the intuitive responsiveness of Trek’s peloton-proven-performance design.