The lightest production road line ever

Every detail of the Émonda line, from frame design to each component choice on every model, serves the same audacious goal: to create the lightest line of production road bikes ever offered.

The entire Émonda line is unbelievably light, with sensational ride-tuned balance and handling that elevate Trek ride performance to a whole new level.

  1. Ultra lightweight Émonda is the ultimate lightweight road racing machine, pushing the boundaries of what's possible for bicycle weight and ride performance.

  2. OCLV Carbon technology Nobody does carbon better than Trek. Only with our OCLV process can we fully integrate a complete bike system to create the lightest bike in the world.

  3. Ride-tuned performance Émonda elevates Trek ride performance to a whole new level. Custom ride-tuned OCLV Carbon frame provides the perfect balance of stiffness and weight.

  4. Lifetime warranty Trek backs the lightest production road bike in the world with the best warranty in the world.

What people are saying

Compare the Emonda SLR8 with another hot 58cm full-mechanical Dura-Ace build launched this summer, the 2015 S-Works Tarmac, and the Emonda SLR8 is $800 less and a pound-and-a-half lighter. Riders who could care less about the scale can get as excited about the Émonda as weight weenies. The Émonda is the liveliest bike Trek has ever made, combining scintillating road feel and ultra-low weights that don't rely on gimmicky builds or meaningless "advertised" frame weights

Peloton Magazine - Issue 33
Trek Émonda SLR 8

The Émonda is a really, really good bike. When going out of the saddle, it feels like someone is pushing you. Brakes feel great and I especially like how they are balanced front to rear. Riders on other teams were even commenting on how good the bike looked!

Haimar Zubeldia
Trek Factory Racing