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Race Shop Limited

Race Shop Limited products are born of the wishes and whims of the world’s most demanding racers, and inspired by the items we deliver to our athletes mid-season, under the radar, and without promise of a spare. And now, the rare and beautiful consequence of this collaboration is available to you.

Raced to win formula

Creating products that don’t flinch at the highest levels of competition is an exhaustive, hands-on process that requires methodical scientific inquiry and high-tech analysis. A process of constant feedback from Trek’s professional athletes and an absolute commitment to perfection set these products apart. If they’re not good enough for the world’s best athletes, they don’t meet the RSL formula.

Rider input

No one understands the rigors of professional cycling like professional cyclists themselves. That’s why the Race Shop Limited development process doesn’t begin with market research or in a boardroom—it begins with the experiences of our riders, on the race course and under the most rigorous training regimens, and results in products uniquely conceptualized to perform at the highest levels of competition.

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Science and analysis

Our engineers are masters of ingenuity, with the scientific expertise to bring the most unorthodox ideas to life. Extensive data analysis allows them to identify the smallest distinctions in performance, and apply them to the rigorous design requirements of top-level racing equipment.

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In the end, each Race Shop innovation is returned to the athletes for field testing, ensuring that the numbers and data behind them provide the on-bike experience that pros demand. It’s this patient process of development, feedback, and redevelopment that is the heart and soul of RSL.

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Race Shop Limited products are not a paint scheme or replica version—they are the same bikes, components, and accessories ridden in top-echelon races and competitions around the world. Top competitors demand equipment that wins races most of us only dream of participating in. How’s that for a performance guarantee?

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RSL Road

Achievement on the World Tour often comes in the form of astonishingly close victories. Milliseconds. One neglected pedal stroke. When so much comes down to so little, you need a machine that has been designed with the utmost attention to detail. No potential advantage is left aside in the development of Trek’s RSL road line, keeping your race day focus squarely where it belongs—on doing whatever it takes to cross the finish line first.

RSL Road

RSL Mountain

On the XC and downhill course alike, the one constant in mountain bike racing is the innate unpredictability of every race. With the frontiers of the sport expanding so rapidly, pushing the limits requires technology that you can rely on no matter where you’re racing. Race Shop Limited mountain bikes deliver the confidence that only comes with knowing you’ve got the fastest, most durable race bike on the course.

RSL Mountain

Race Shop Limited Project One

Don’t simply own a Race Shop Limited bike—get the authentic pro experience and create your very own through Project One. Dial in component choices for your particular racing needs. Customize the graphics to express who you are as a competitor. Do so with the confidence that when you ride your Project One, you’ll be on a machine crafted by hand to astonish you with its flawless execution of your vision. Just select the model, fit, paint, and parts you desire, and our master artists will bring your dream bike to life.

RSL Project One