Road: Speed Concept Carries Trek/K-Swiss to 70.3 World Championship

2010/11/16By Eric Bjorling

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Story Highlights

  • Michael Raelert becomes the first triathlete to defend 70.3 World Championship
  • Trek/K-Swiss' Joe Gambles and Heather Jackson finish first in mens and womens bike splits
Culminating what has been a record-smashing season on the world 70.3 circuit; Trek/K-Swiss athlete Michael Raelert (DEU) turned in a solid performance on the bike that left him with enough energy to run to the 2010 Ironman 70.3 World Championship; becoming the first athlete in history to claim consecutive titles.
With a large group of the world’s elite triathletes exiting the swim together, it was the bike split that would set the tone for the day. 2010 Wisconsin Ironman Champion, Joe Gambles (AUS), rode his team-issued Trek Speed Concept 9.9 to the front of the field with eventual champion, Raelert, trailing just behind. Raelert would later overtake his teammate during the run.
“I felt very comfortable on the bike, and knew that I would be able to outrun the field as a result.” A jubilant Raelert said after the race. “I never want to sound arrogant, but I just knew that if I ran my race I would win. All season, as soon as I’ve gotten on my bike, I’ve felt that someone would have to have a great day to beat me.” 
Crediting his Speed Concept for conserving enough energy to launch his attack, Gambles said of the race, “I just felt comfortable and fresh near the end of the ride so I decided to give it a go. I only sprinted for about 10 seconds but when I looked back I realized that I had a huge gap, and I just went for it.” Setting what would be the fastest bike split of the day at 2:02:24 over the 56 mile course; Gambles would hold on for a 4th place finish as Trek/K-Swiss athletes would take three of the top ten spots on the podium.       
In the women’s race it was Trek/K-Swiss’ Heather Jackson (USA) who stole the day on the bike setting the fastest time at 2:16:03. “I just decided I was going to smash the bike today,” said the 26 year-old Jackson after her finish. “I have always been a strong cyclist, but I just felt like I could fly into corners on the course and the longer I was on the bike, the faster I was feeling.”
The Ironman 70.3 World Championship was the 27th major win for the Trek/K-Swiss triathlon team in 2010.  “We have unbelievable athletes and the best equipment,” a reflective Gambles said after the race. “I can’t wait to see what we’re able to do next year. It feels like things are getting more and more dialed with the team, and everyone is feeding off the momentum.”