Mountain: Top Fuel Reigns


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One thing’s clear from the 2009 cross country race circuit: if you want to make the podium, if you want to win, there’s no better, more versatile, or more capable cross country racing bike that the Trek Top Fuel.

Leadville 100 victory? No problem for Lance Armstrong and his Top Fuel.

Single Speed World Championships? Ross Schnell crushed it on his Top Fuel.

Got a season’s worth of 100-mile races ahead of you? Hey, grab the Top Fuel and ride yourself to the National Ultra Endurance series champion’s title, just like Jeff Schalk.

Want to make history with your brother by becoming the first siblings in history to stand on a World Cup podium together? That’s right, ride Top Fuels.

No matter the cross country race, the versatile Top Fuel stands ready to rule the roost.

“I chose to ride the Top Fuel at the Leadville 100 because it was the best tool for the job,” said 2009’s winner, Lance Armstrong. “I had the option of riding any bike in the Trek arsenal. The choice to run the Top Fuel was based on weight, comfort, and speed.  It is a long race and I wanted all the help I could get.”

Single Speed World Champ Ross Schnell echoed Armstrong’s sentiment: “I chose the Top Fuel for the Single Speed World Championships because I didn't want to compromise on my setup with a fun-hater hardtail. There really isn't any weight penalty for riding the Top Fuel, and I absolutely would have been slower without it. I have no qualms about riding an unconventional SS when it pedals so well, descends faster, and keeps me fresher.”

“The new Top Fuel is the perfect bike for 100 mile racing,” noted 2009 NUE series champ, Jeff Schalk. “It’s light and stiff, which makes it an efficient climber, yet it’s also incredibly plush, making it a great technical trail bike. Both qualities are essential for ultra-endurance racing. Lightness and efficiency are important to minimize the energy needed to propel the bike, and active, supple suspension is important to minimize fatigue accumulation.”

Coming out of the box weighing just over 21 lbs (size 18.5), the Top Fuel 9.9 SSL features an extremely lightweight and distinctive OCLV Red “cross-bow” frame matched, like all Top Fuel models, to a full complement of Trek full suspension technologies: Active Braking Pivot (ABP), Full Floater, and EVO Link. The result is a cross country racer’s dream come true: a full suspension bike that offers excellent pedaling efficiency without sacrificing bump compliance (no matter their size), incredible frame stiffness from tip to tail, and fully active travel, even while braking. All at virtually no weight penalty compared to a hardtail. No wonder Top Fuel stands at the head of the class, marking the cross country racer’s best choice.

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