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The details matter. Our Project One artists sign their work if so requested.

How many bikes does a person really need? The answer is a moving target: N + 1, with N being the number of bikes already stuffed into your garage. But would that equation be different if you got to build your one perfect bike? This is an excerpt from the full story now appearing in @trekbikes Stories 02, available for free at Trek retailers.

That's the idea behind Project One: build one bike at a time, for one rider at a time. A bike unlike all others. Every wish and whim considered. Trek’s custom bike program was launched to the cycling world over ten years ago. It was a daring departure for a large bike manufacturer, allowing customers to specify their individual bike’s parts and color. Upsetting our busy paint and production line was risky, and creating a custom shop alongside it was definitely a bold move—one that has since gained fans across the world.

Fast forward a decade, and ever-increasing demand has warranted a new $2 million paint line at Trek that has to be seen to be believed (which you are cordially invited to do—just call ahead for factory tour times). Paint Manufacturing Engineer Bob Seibel has been researching paint plants for several years now, including custom paint lines at similar businesses like the Harley-Davidson Motor Company in nearby Milwaukee. Bob rides a Harley, and is always happy to visit the mother ship—but this time, the objective was to solidify plans for the best painting line in the industry.

For the complete story, pick up your free copy of @trekbikes Stories 02 at your local Trek retailer.

At Trek, we believe getting more people on bikes more often will make the world a healthier, happier place. It's our business, our passion, our mission.

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