The finest hour

2014's Greatest Hour - Jens Voigt and the hour record

The finest hour

Jens Voigt breaks the revered Hour Record in an inspiring race against time

On September 18th, 2014, Jens Voigt took to the track in Grenchen, Switzerland, for a heroic race against the clock that would close the curtain on the cyclist’s storied career. Voigt rode 51.115 kilometers to shatter the standing Hour Record, taking his final bow as a professional racer at the top of the sport. But even more importantly, his effort reignited enthusiasm around one of cycling’s most revered monuments and reminded us all of the rewards of chasing dreams ferociously.

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It’s true Jens Voigt has super powers, but even he can’t slow time. See his battle against the clock up-close as he takes on the revered Hour Record.

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