Sail over the bumpiest roads on the Trek Silque SLX

This bike would be my go-to for a high-speed, pack-riding throw-down on pavement, dirt, and gravel. It's so versatile I'd choose it for almost any ride, anywhere.

Editor's picks: Women's road

The Trek Silque combines the comfort and stability of an endurance bike without compromising power. Trek’s Women’s Specific Design (WSD) makes for an extremely comfortable ride, and the Silque takes it to the next level with the IsoSpeed decoupler, the same technology found on Trek’s Domane endurance frame.

A Silque-y smooth ride with an upright position and good attention to detail 4/5 stars

In endurance terms, Trek has nailed it with the Silque. It’s smooth, stable, good-looking and built for a comfortable ride. The manufacturer may shy away from calling it an endurance machine, and you definitely don’t need to ride long miles to appreciate its charms. Indeed, it's versatile and you can ride it with confidence in races, even if you can't get as low as on a race-specific machine. Despite testing it from a background of racing familiarity, after changing the saddle and lowering the bars significantly, we enjoyed every mile on the Silque and would gladly keep riding it for many more.