Going fast has never been so comfortable

The Domane once again proved itself as quite possibly the best all-around bike on the market

Ride Like Cancellara With The Trek Race Shop Limited Domane Classics Edition

Fancy yourself a mini Spartacus? First unveiled at the 2012 Ronde Van Vlaanderen, Fabian's Trek Domane isn't your off the shelf bike. Previously a pro-only option, Trek just made the Race Shop Limited Domane Classic Edition available to the masses.

Just in: Trek Factory Racing Domane Classics Edition

For anyone that hasn't ridden a Domane yet, it really does work as advertised. Maybe more so. While the comfort is the same as before the classics edition is built to go fast. Push back into the saddle and give it all the power you have and it rewards you.

Outside Gear of the Year

With an innovative carbon frame design, closed-cell foam pads, and cushy 25-millimeter tires, the Domane is the fastest and smoothest comfort bike we’ve ever swung a leg over.

Emonda Domane Madone Trilemma

Émonda: I have simply never ridden anything like it. if you have never ridden the lightest bike in the world I suggest you give it a try, even for kicks. Pulling away gives you the sense of having a tail-wind and built in electric motor all in one. Madone: The Madone is brutalist cycling architecture where everything plays second fiddle to straight-line speed over distance. Out on the road I have always found that Madone is a bike with an agenda. You forgive its propensity to kick back off bumps and be over-sharp into turns because it is devastatingly efficient at speed. Domane: With a low-slung BB and long chainstays with super-stable steering, just add a set of good wheels and 25c tyres the Domane is a literal go-anywhere, do-anything bike. It is astonishingly adept and stupidly compliant and comfortable. Everywhere. CYW: Trek Factory Racing were involved in the development of all recent Trek bikes. All Fabian's classic squad run the Domane and he likes it that way. The rest have switched to Emonda a

Trek Domane 6.9 Project One

The speed and handling of a true super bike, with the glide of a cyclocross machine over the rough stuff

$3k Endurance Bike Shootout: Best in Test winner is the Trek Domane 4.7

No doubt there was a bias among our test group that favored bikes which could handle the rough stuff, and no bike in this test did that better than the Trek Domane 4.7. The other major factor in favor of the Domane 4.7 is its parts spec. Trek’s gruppo is 100 percent Ultegra.

Domane Classics

The Classics handled it all. It's one of the best rough-road bikes I've ever ridden. I could drive it aggressively through turns or sit back and enjoy how it seemed to float over the nastiest sections of road. In some situations the bike felt more like something made for cyclocross racing or mountain bike trails. This provided me a sense of security I've felt on few other road bikes.

$3k Endurance Bike Shootout: Trek Domane 4.7 Review

It’s also not an accident that our test team loved this bike. “I would buy this bike no question,” said one tester. “The overall ride quality — especially on rough roads — is hard to beat at this price point.” The other major factor in favor of the Domane 4.7 is its spec. Like nearly all the bikes in this shootout, it benefits from the precision reliability of an 11-speed Shimano Ultegra drivetrain. But unlike some of the other bikes in this round-up, the gruppo is complete. No swapping in substitute components (brakes, chainrings, etc), which is often done by product managers to help keep costs down. This was undoubtedly one of the top bikes in this test, delivering all the key features that should be part and parcel for an endurance road bike. While not the most nimble climber in the world, the Trek Domane 4.7 is comfortable and efficient whether slogging through an all-day ride on the flats, or rambling down a dirt road during a roubaix-style race or ride.

Trek Domane Classics Edition

The Domane Classics Edition is not for everyone. But for the rider who, like Cancellara himself, can appreciate a bit of extra comfort but does not want his bars up in the clouds, there is not only nothing better, there’s simply no other option. It can be twitchy, racy, occasionally nasty, even, but under the right rider it is utterly sublime.


We chose the Domane as the better complete package.