$3k Endurance Bike Shootout: Trek Domane 4.7 Review

It’s also not an accident that our test team loved this bike. “I would buy this bike no question,” said one tester. “The overall ride quality — especially on rough roads — is hard to beat at this price point.” The other major factor in favor of the Domane 4.7 is its spec. Like nearly all the bikes in this shootout, it benefits from the precision reliability of an 11-speed Shimano Ultegra drivetrain. But unlike some of the other bikes in this round-up, the gruppo is complete. No swapping in substitute components (brakes, chainrings, etc), which is often done by product managers to help keep costs down. This was undoubtedly one of the top bikes in this test, delivering all the key features that should be part and parcel for an endurance road bike. While not the most nimble climber in the world, the Trek Domane 4.7 is comfortable and efficient whether slogging through an all-day ride on the flats, or rambling down a dirt road during a roubaix-style race or ride.

Trek Domane Classics Edition

The Domane Classics Edition is not for everyone. But for the rider who, like Cancellara himself, can appreciate a bit of extra comfort but does not want his bars up in the clouds, there is not only nothing better, there’s simply no other option. It can be twitchy, racy, occasionally nasty, even, but under the right rider it is utterly sublime.


We chose the Domane as the better complete package.

Going fast has never been so comfortable

The Domane once again proved itself as quite possibly the best all-around bike on the market