Verified Trek Remedy 9 29

Trek did a great job building a worthy bike that will keep you pinned. The Remedy 29 is a very capable all-mountain machine. If you want a tool that will let you roll over medium-sized terrain smoother and faster, or if you want an enduro-ready bike that will take seconds off your race times, this is a great bike for you.

Trek's 2014 Remedy 29, First Ride

Across such a wide spectrum of terrain, I found the Remedy to be a revelation. On demanding sections, it felt stable and controlled, but not at all vague. In fact, it was fun, responsive and relatively quick. While no particular handling trait stood out, the bike was a great package—the frame angles, suspension platform, frame, and components all blended together harmoniously.

Riding Trek's Remedy 29er

It didn't take long to see that the bike felt very much unlike the lumbering beast that some riders might expect it to be. Our feelings were backed up by the thoughts of the other editors in our group, and we actually had an easier time scaling some of the tricky climbs on the bike than we've ever had. Our initial impressions have us believing that Trek has hit this one out of the park.

Bike Radar's Remedy 29 Review

Trek Remedy 9 29

The plush, versatile suspension makes the Remedy 29 capable of all-mountain backcountry rides or a session at the bike park. The Remedy 29 is a true all-mountain machine that will handle anything thrown in its path.