Head of the House: Slash 9

Slash 9 is a killer all-around trail bike that can climb like a trail bike and descend like a mini-DH bike. It blew us away, and we were consistently impressed with its abilities. This bike does it all. This bike is ready for an adrenaline boost, yet still able to get your ass in shape on the long rides.

Our Favorite Bikes: Trek Slash

It works and you can ride it anywhere, development on this bike came from Trek’s professional race program and they listened to what racers needed, so here we have a bike that works and is one of our favourite bikes and anyone is going to enjoy riding.

Vital Reviews the Slash Carbon

The price, the carbon frame, and mid-to-high end spec make it a great value. The Slash feels at home on a wide variety of trails, whether it's monster trucking steep, rocky descents with confidence, or dicing through faster trails with a nimble, fun, and playful feel.

First Look: Trek Slash 9

We've had two rides on the Trek Slash, and it's been a delight to jump and descend. Having the option to switch the front between 130mm and 160mm makes it a versatile bike as well. The bike is acutally quite light for an aluminum bike with burly descending ability.

So Enduro: Trek Slash 9.8 Review

According to ‘Back to the Future’ we were meant to all be riding hoverboards by 2015. That hasn’t happened, but the Slash does give you the experience of riding a hoverbike – this beast is smooth in the extreme. If you’ve got descent KOMs (or podiums) in your sights or you’re looking to roll your downhill bike and trail bikes into one butt-whipping machine, this is where you want to be.

Trek Slash 8 Review

The Slash is a highly capable machine and really thrives on being more aggressively leaned into corners. Its aggressive geometry and plush suspension make it a bit more of a gravity specialist, but it can be ridden on an all-day back country epic or hold its own on burly shuttle runs.

Trek Slash 9 Review

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Decline Verified: Trek Slash

Best aggressive trailbike we've ridden.

Best aggressive trailbike we've ridden.