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The drop-bar CrossRip is quick in traffic, sure-footed when the weather or pavement gets rough, comfortable over the long haul. Road bike? Cross bike? Commuter? Yes.

Upgrades from CrossRip

  • Bontrager Satellite Plus carbon fork
  • Bontrager Hard-Case Ultimate tires
  • Avid BB5 mechanical disc brakes
  • Bontrager Race Lite IsoZone handlebar

Alpha Gold Aluminum frame

Trek’s high-performance aluminum, with manipulated tube shapes to balance strength and weight saving.

CrossRip geometry

The CrossRip frame is fast enough for road rides, versatile enough for daily service. Geometry is dialed to accommodate larger tires and fenders with no toe overlap.

Carbon fork

Lightweight fork with carbon fiber legs soaks up hand-numbing road vibration.

Drop bar

The classic road bike handlebar offers multiple options for hand position and riding stance.

Disc brakes

Reliable stopping power in all conditions, including wet and muddy.

Internal cable routing

We route shift and brake cables through the frame to keep things clean and simple. And it looks great, too.