We believe you can change the world.

Getting started is easy: Ride your bike.

The more you ride, the healthier you’ll be. And the less you drive, the healthier our planet will be. Pretty good payback for a little pedaling.

52 lbs.

Consider This

If you bike 2 miles to work and back each day instead of driving, your 4-mile round trip will keep 51 pounds of carbon monoxide out of the air each year.

36,000 cal.

Or This

That same daily trip will burn 36,000 calories over the course of a year—the equivalent of over 10 lbs of fat. In fact, the average person loses 13lbs in the first year of commuting by bike.

430 million gal.

Or This

Your daily 4-mile bike commute will save about 66 gallons of fuel per year. If just one person in a thousand were to follow your lead in biking 4 miles a day instead of driving, we’d save 429 million gallons of fuel each year.

That’s a whole lot of impact from just hopping on your bike. Plus: you get to ride your bike.

The Global View

We began as a US company. But now we sell bikes around the world, and we’ve learned a lot from how other countries view cycling. Two examples: Germany, home of our Diamant brand and its 125-year cycling legacy; and the Netherlands, site of our European headquarters. Both countries have embraced the benefits of alternatives to auto travel. Imagine what could happen if the US follows their lead.

Bicycles per 1,000 people

  • United States 385
  • Germany 588
  • Netherlands 1,000

Percent of urban travel accounted for by cycling

  • United States 1
  • Germany 12
  • Netherlands 28

Percent of adults who are obese

  • United States 30.6
  • Germany 12.9
  • Netherlands 10.0

Stats courtesy of World Watch Institute

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