820 Women's

Take it off road


Our entry-level 820 mountain bike is a versatile step in the mountain direction, equally suited to beginner trails and potholed city streets.

If you've heard the call of the trail but aren't ready to commit to the MTB life, 820 is the perfect way to get your feet dirty.

  1. Entry-level price Trek-tough construction and quality components make 820 a fantastic entry-level value.

  2. Road-to-trail versatility Knobby tires, suspension fork, and a rugged steel frame are ready to take on rough pavement, light trails, or both.

  3. Efficient suspension fork 63mm fork is forgiving on bumpy trails and potholes, and efficient on smooth pavement.

  4. WSD option Trek Women's Specific Design bikes are engineered from the ground up for your best fit and finest ride.

What people are saying

Recently returned from 2 years, 23 countries and 18,000 miles on my Trek 820. Wanted a steel bike that could be repaired by any welder (got help from one in China) and a bike that wouldn't destroy the budget. It was great.

Janice Koch
Facebook post