X-Caliber 29


Experience matters. Our new X-Caliber 29 hardtail mountain bikes benefit from over 15 years of 29er R&D. They're the lightest, fastest, smartest 29" hardtails on the market.

Nothing beats the efficiency, simplicity, and straight-up fun of an X-Cal 29er hardtail. Great for XC racing, marathons, 24-hour racing, or simply shredding singletrack.

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  1. 29" wheels

    Big wheels roll faster, maintain momentum, improve traction, and clear obstacles more easily.

  2. Light, precise race frame

    Highly refined Alpha Aluminum frame uses sophisticated tube shaping to minimize weight and maximize race-day performance.

  3. G2: a better-handling 29er

    Advanced frame geometry and a custom offset fork give you precise handling at low speed without compromising high-speed stability.

  4. More sizes fit more riders

    Size range includes new 14.5" and 18.5" sizes to better fit more riders.

What a great bike! I had been eyeing this bike for about a month and was looking for quality construction w/great design. This bike is cowabunga! It's like you're riding a monster truck with Porsche handling!

Jay, Lake Elsinore, CA
Customer Review

This is my first 29er handles like a dream. It's light, fast, shifting very smooth, rolls almost over anything. Uphills no problem, did get two flats already thats what happens when your on the trails. Had this bike for 2 months already put 250 miles on it.

Tom, Riverside, CA
Customer Review

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