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Brand: Trek
Located in: Bike Path, Hybrid
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3.3 stars
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Nice, but not problem free.
By AconiteVerified Reviewer from London, Ontario, Canada on 5/20/2011
Comfortable, Handles Well On-Road, Lightweight, Motor system weatherproof, Smooth Riding
Loose spokes rear wheel, No fenders included
Best Uses:
Commuting, Pavement
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Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

Comments about Trek 7200+:

This bike was purchased for my wife as a spring/summer/fall replacement for a motor vehicle (in addition to a Trek Valencia+ for myself) to commute to and from work, and to run errands. We are trying to eliminate the need of owning a motor vehicle.

We had some technical difficulties within the first 5 km. The system would reboot every few minutes, especially if the headlight was turned on.

As it turned out, the console was defective. I diagnosed the console as the issue, returned to my dealer. After I explained how I diagnosed the issue, my dealer swapped our controller for another he had on a display model. No problems since.

I am happy the problem was fixed on the spot as I was worried I would have to wait for parts to come in.

The other issue we had were loose spokes within the first 40 km of riding. My Valencia+ also had loose spokes after a few km's of riding. This is more a Bionx issue than a Trek issue, as I believe any Bionx system (Trek or otherwise) will have this problem.

The solution is to check your spokes after every ride, as they can come loose very quickly.

Checking spokes is only a matter of "pinging" each spoke with your finger and you'll find any loose ones. It only takes a few seconds to check, so check them regularly. If you come across a loose spoke, be sure to get it taken care of immediately as you don't want to put any undo stress on the wheel.

The 7200 is very light for an electric bike, even with the battery attached.

The headlight and tail light are great. The front light is not the brightest on the market, but it does a good job of lighting the road and certainly keeps you visable. The front light is also adjustable up and down a little bit to cast the light further out or closer without having to adjust with tools. The rear red light is large and bright.

The motor (350W) does an amazing job of melting away those pesky hills and stiff headwinds. The system is weather proof so if you run into a rain storm on your ride, no worries.

The rear rack is not Trek Interchange compatible. We have a great set of Trek Interchange Panniers that we can not use.

A small bell built into the left brake is included, making the bike Highway Traffic Act compliant in Ontario. The bell is not even really noticeable, but is easy to access while riding. Nice touch.

I am not sure why Trek decided not to attach fenders. That will probably be the first add on you will want. Fenders will make this bike a perfect commuter bike.

The motor will go into charge battery mode when you brake, or optionally when you go downhill. It is great to reclaim some of that energy during your ride. Going into charge mode while going down a large hill is a great way to not only charge your battery, but also control your speed going down the hill without riding the brake.

The 7200 is a very comfortable bike to ride. You sit up straight (don't have to lean forward). The ride is very smooth and quick. This is a great bike to ride.

The first 5 km's. Not a success.
By Aconite from London, Ontario, Canada on 5/15/2011
Bottom Line:
No, I would not recommend this to a friend

Comments about Trek 7200+:

May 15, 2011:

Purchased this bike for my wife. Fresh out of the box. Assembled by the dealer. Brought it home. Dies after five minutes.

The console keeps rebooting anywhere from seconds from our driveway up to within ten minutes.

I had access to another Bionx, so I tried another battery. Not the battery. I tried another console. Seemed to work, but I only had a chance for one test drive 15 minutes long. Unable to repeat the test due to the weather.

I will be returning to the dealer tomorrow morning. Now we get to see if this problem will be sorted out quickly or if we will be without a bike all summer long after dropping 2.5 thousand dollars and not having it work out of the box.

I will update this review with results and my rating with the results of dealer / technical support.

Trek Response: See customer review on 5/20/2011 for an update.

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Commuter Day 1
By Senior commuter coupleVerified Reviewer from Washington, DC (suburban Maryland) on 8/26/2010
Adjustable smart power, Best of both worlds, Comfortable Ride, Good replacement for car, It's a real bike, Silent motor, Upright position
Best Uses:
Describe Yourself:
Bottom Line:
Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

Comments about Trek 7200+:

We have been shopping for an e-bike for commuting for about a year. My wife and I each commute 5-6 miles each way, rain or shine, summer heat or winter freeze, day (summer) or night (winter). Much of it is through parks, so we wanted a silent motor. As commuters in the 55-65 age range, we also have to take our arthritic bodies into consideration -- we need an upright position. We like biking for fitness, so we wanted an e-bike that would be a pleasure to ride even without any electric power.

I just did my first commute with the 7200 today, and it really shines. I used no electric power on the ride in to work -- the bike was a pleasure to ride. This is what ultimately sold us on the 7200 (in addition to a great price when it went on sale): it is a great ride without any electric power, and it is a great ride with electric power. Best of both worlds.

In the afternoon, I needed to get to an appointment about 5 miles away, without arriving in a sweat. So I used the pedal assist on the uphill slopes (set it to max on the steepest hills. Power assist kicks in automatically after about three seconds of increased pedal pressure. Wow! Was that FUN! 16mph up a 7% to 10% grade with a little more than flat-road pedaling effort! This speed seems to be where the motor tops out, which is fine for us.

Even while going up steep hills, I don't recall ever hearing the motor. It is really quiet.

It is smart power -- when I am pedaling on a flat road at 15-17mph with low to moderate pedal assist, the motor applies almost no power because there is no need for it. This conserves battery power. Also, you don't have to be adjusting, controlling, and holding a throttle all the time.

It was also kind of fun to use the generate mode on a steep downhill slope -- it slows the bike about as much as moderate pressure on the brakes would do. Saves the brakes, and does a tiny recharge, too.

At the end of the day, after about 14 miles traveled, the battery was down to about 2/3 of total capacity (and it wasn't fully charged to begin with). I could do another 2 days like that before needing to charge the battery.

It's only the first day of commuting, but it is certainly a nice start.

I have three suggestions for improvements:

I wish Bionx would adapt their control consoles to lithium iron phosphate batteries (instead of lithium manganese). That's the engineer in me talking.

I wish Trek would offer this bike as a commuter package, complete with panniers, or offer a discount on such accessories when buying the bike.

I think the Trek-Bionx combination is excellent for commuters, and it would make a lot of sense if their marketing departments would do A LOT MORE to reach out to commuters.

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