Where and when can I buy this bike?

For your safety and satisfaction, all Trek bike sales are handled through our network of individually owned and operated Authorized Trek Retailers. We trust our authorized retailers to properly size, assemble, and adjust your new bicycle, and to provide you with the appropriate owner's manual and consumer literature.

Your retailer will explain how to properly use your bike and answer any questions or concerns you might have. Your retailer will also have the most up to date information regarding availability of a specific size/model of bike. If you need help finding a retailer, use our dealer locator:

What size bike do I need?

Excellent question. Fitting is an important process which directly affects the ride quality and comfort of a bike—and it’s one we can’t tackle online. The only way to be certain of the right size for you is to visit an authorized Trek retailer. The experts at your Trek retailer are skilled at sizing and will help find the appropriate bike and size to fit your individual needs.

It is possible to come up with some rough guidelines based on height, but these are only a starting point for a proper fit consultation with your local dealer. Each person’s physical dimensions and attributes (arm length, torso length, femur length, flexibility, etc.) are slightly different and can lead to different frame size needs even for people of the same height.

If you’re between sizes, it’s generally best to go with the smaller size. It’s easier to make a smaller frame fit a little larger than vice versa.

A proper fitting is especially important with kids’ bikes. Again, height may provide a decent starting point, but the right size will depend not only on a child’s specific measurements, but also on skill level. A skilled young rider may be more comfortable on a larger bike than a child of the same height who has just learned to ride.

Is there a rider weight limit for Trek bikes?

Yes, we have the following weight limits on our bikes:

  • Max rider weight of 23kg:
  • Trikester, in our Kids collection.
  • Max rider weight of 36kg:
  • All other bikes in our Kids collection.
  • Max rider weight of 125kg:
  • Road bikes, triathlon bikes, and cruisers.
  • Max rider weight of 136kg:
  • All other bikes, including hybrids, urban, commuter, fitness, Ride+ electric assist, cyclocross, and all mountain bikes.

Where are Trek bikes made?

We design and develop each and every bike that bears the Trek name at either our world headquarters in Waterloo, Wisconsin, or in our European design facility in the Netherlands. We manufacture more bicycles in the U.S. than any other company. Select Town bikes are assembled in Hartmansdorff, Germany, and the remainder of our bikes are built in Asian facilities under strict Trek oversight.

Bicycles assembled outside the U.S. must meet the same stringent quality standards as our domestically manufactured bikes, and carry the same Limited Lifetime Warranty. No matter where your bike is produced, quality is stock on every Trek.

What is Trek’s warranty policy?

Visit our warranty page for complete information on the coverage provided when you purchase a new bike from an authorized retailer.

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