Flow MTB's First Bite of Fuel EX 29

From our first ride we can tell you this bike is a winner. It retains the same taut, responsive and efficient feel of the 26″ Fuel EX but is just plain faster, especially on the climbs. Lumpy, ugly slow speed climbs are a delight on this bike; it’s pretty inspiring really! We’d have to say the build kit is close to perfect as well. Amazing braking and shifting, and the Rockshox Reverb Stealth is the icing on the cake. We wouldn’t change a thing.

Bike Radar - First Ride Review

It's undoubtedly a fun bike on the trail and, it also seems highly capable. Toss in the very good pedaling performance and you end up with an immensely versatile machine. Overall, the bike is playful and flickable, relishing in medium-sized drops and small doubles and happily attacking bermed corners. As on the 26in Fuel EX, rear-suspension performance is excellent thanks to the Trek-exclusive DRCV-equipped Fox rear shock that makes the bike feel like it has more travel than it does.