We believe in bikes.

It's great to be a bicycle company.

You can park your bike at your desk. You might run into Gary Fisher at the water cooler. Nobody at the office laughs at your Lycra. But here’s the greatest thing about being a bicycle company: Bikes make the world better. The more people who ride bikes, the healthier our world will be.

We take the bicycle’s world-changing potential seriously—so much so that we’ve changed the bikes we make and how we make them.

Smarter Bikes

Smarter Bikes

We love bikes for recreation. But we believe the bike’s brightest future lies in practical transportation. We’re committed to real solutions that provide real alternatives to the automobile: Bikes that haul. Bikes that commute, in any weather. Electric-assist bikes that let you go farther, faster. Practicality is the driving force behind our Urban and Ride+ bikes.

Greener Bikes

Greener Bikes

Bikes are inherently green. So how do we make them greener? Make them last a long time. Build them in a low-impact way. Plan ahead for re-use and eventual recycling of every component. That’s the idea behind Eco Design, a line of bicycles and parts designed front to back to lessen their manufacturing impact.

Greener Packaging

70-90% of the material in our packaging card stock is recycled, a mix of post-industrial (unused scraps and discards) and post-consumer (used material diverted from the waste stream before it can end up in an incinerator or landfill). Post-consumer is best for the environment, so we use it whenever possible. In the few cases where recycled material is not an option, we use only material sourced from certified sustainable forests.


Tire tubes are the shortest-lived parts on a bicycle. To increase their lifespan, we’ve partnered with Alchemy Goods to create a reuse system with our US dealers. When a customer comes in to have a tube replaced, the dealer will send the old one to Alchemy to create Bontrager bags. The result is a tough pannier to help you carry more goods by bike, made from material that would otherwise sit in a landfill.

Dream Bikes

With proper care, a quality bike can last thousands of miles and survive multiple owners. Unfortunately, most bikes are discarded long before their useful life is fulfilled. Enter Dream Bikes; a pilot non-profit organization funded by Trek.

Dream Bikes teaches youth in challenged neighborhoods to fix, repair, and build new life into donated bikes of any brand. The revamped bikes are sold to the public, with special terms and pricing available to those in direct need of affordable transportation to school and work. Dream Bikes also takes the damaged, unsafe, and un-savable bikes and disassembles them into their valuable, recyclable core components of aluminum and steel.

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