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Do you offer touch up paint?

Regrettably we do not have the ability to offer touch up paint for our bicycles. This is due to our proprietary colors, the many colors we offer each year and the limited lifespan of a vial of paint. Unfortunately it is not as simple as just bottling the paint we use for the frame production as that paint would dry out very quickly, before you were able to put it to good use. A great option is to substitute fingernail polish, model airplane/hobby paint, or automotive paint as these options come in a variety of colors and offer a great finish. Another solution is to use a spectrometer, available at most auto supply stores, to mix some paint. For chips in the clear coat, clear fingernail polish works great, but for chips in the paint we recommend testing the touch up paint on a sample object or hidden portion of the frame to make sure it is a match when dry.

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