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I installed my computer but it does not seem to be working. What do I do?

There are a few things to check in this situation.

If you do not see any display on the screen, then it could be the batteries. Most of our batteries are commonly found at various retailers, though your dealer will likely stock some as well.

The most common cause of a lack of readings though, is that the magnet is passing too far away from the sensor in order to register. It needs to pass within about 1-3mm. The sensors are most often held in place with zip ties, so they can be nudged closer to the magnet on the wheel (for speed) or crank arm (for cadence). They do not need to contact each other as they pass.

Digital wireless computers do have a signal strength of about 5 feet, and analog wireless computers have a strength of about 2 feet. If the head units are not within this range of the sensor on your wireless computer, you may not get a signal.

If the computer still is not working, it would be best to take it in to the local dealer where you bought it, as they would be able to further troubleshoot the issue in person.

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