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What size of bike do I need?

Fitting a bike to a rider is an important process that directly affects the ride quality and comfort of a bike—but it’s one we can’t tackle online.

It is possible to give you some rough guidelines based on height, (see the table below), but these are only a starting point for a proper bike fitting with your local dealer.

The only way to be certain of the right size is to visit an authorized Trek retailer. The experts at your Trek retailer are skilled at bike fitting and will help find the appropriate bike and size to fit your individual needs. This is because each person’s physical dimensions and attributes (arm, torso, or femur length; flexibility; skill level; etc.) are slightly different, which can lead to different frame size requirements even for people of the same height.

If you’re between sizes, it’s generally best to go with the smaller size. It’s easier to make a smaller frame fit a little larger than vice versa.

For Women

Many women find the Trek WSD (Women’s Specific Design) models, which Trek has offered since 1999, fit them better from the start. WSD considers your bike as a complete system, from frame geometry to gearing to the many touch points that determine the fit and feel of your ride. Examples of touch points include the WSD saddles and different handlebar widths. Again, it is important to understand each person is unique, so even though most women do find WSD models fit them better, the experts at your Trek retailer can help you find the best fit for you.

For Kids

A proper fitting is especially important with kids’ bikes. Again, height may provide a starting point, but the right size will depend not only on a child’s specific measurements, but also on skill level. A skilled young rider may be more comfortable on a larger bike than a child of the same height who has just learned to ride.

Height Mountain/Hybrid Size Road Size
<5’2” 13/14 43/47
5’3” 13/15 47/50
5’6” 16/18 50/52/54
5’9” 18/19 52/54/56
5’11” 19/21 54/56/58
6’2” 21/23 56/58/60
6’3” 23/25 58/60/62
6’4” 25 60/62
Height Kids Bikes Size
35-40” 12”
39-46” 16”
45-52” 20”
51-63” 24”

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