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I'm heading to a Trek Demo, what do I need to know in advance?

Q: What do I need in order to test ride a demo bike?
A: You will need: valid drivers license, credit card, helmet, pedals and appropriate riding gear

Q: What if I am under 18, can I still participate and demo a bike?
A: Yes! But you will need a valid drivers license and a parent to complete and sign your registration/waiver form.

Q: Do I need cycling shoes?
A: We recommend that you use the shoes that you typically ride in or most comfortable in.

Q: How long can I test ride the bike?
A: We generally request test rides of no more than thirty to forty minutes so everyone gets a chance to ride their desired model.

Q: Can I ride more than one bike ?
A: Sure, as many as you want! We would love you to try all of our inventory and we will do our best to get you on whatever you want to ride. We appreciate your patience, sometimes we get busy.

Q: Why isn't the demo tour coming to my town?
A: Even though the demo program is bigger and better than ever, we still have many events we would like to be at but can't. We do our best to mix it up and change venues, but there are only so many weekends every year! The Demo Representatives cover a large territory but manage to do a ton of events.  Please check for the closest event, try to make it out and have a great time.

Q: Why is there a limited selection of models on the trailer?
A: Although we would like to have a sampling of more bikes, there is only so much room on the trailer! We are also trying to promote our newest products or high end products that demand a test ride but your dealer may not have a full size run in stock. We also have more bikes than we can fit in the trailer so we may change out the bikes we are carrying depending on the event. Please contact your local demo driver for specifics on the event you are interested in.

Q: The demo truck is coming to my town, but the event listed is a charity ride (MS150 ride, Tour De Cure, RAGBRAI, Ride the Rockies, or other week long touring ride, etc..) Can I ride without participating in the event?
A:  Most of these events have a marked course, number tagged riders and the demo teams are often moving around to different rest stops making it difficult to do an individual test ride. If you have a question, or this is the only chance for you to see a particular bike, please send an email to the contact listed for the event to see if any arrangements can be made.

Q: Do you sell these bikes?
A: You can test ride the bikes but they aren't for sale. We are here to support your local Trek and Bontrager retailers, and you can purchase any of these bikes/products at your local Trek retailer.

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