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Can I use my bike on a stationary trainer?

We understand trainers can be a great way to stay in shape over the course of a winter; however we ask that you use common sense when mounting and dismounting, and do not sprint. When clamped to a trainer, your bicycle experiences high forces that are very different from the forces that occur in normal riding. In extreme cases, the unusual forces applied by a trainer can actually break a frame. Avoid extremely hard efforts on a trainer, such as applying high side-loads when sprinting or climbing. Especially avoid trainers that rigidly hold the rear triangle of the frame yet constrain movement of the rear wheel. Rollers do not put stress on the frame, but care must still be taken as falling off the rollers can damage the frame in much the same way. The warranty that we offer on our frames covers manufacturing defects. Damage from the trainer or from falling off of rollers would be the result of an outside force acting on the frame, and not a manufacturing defect, so would not be covered under the warranty.

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