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I want to convert my Bontrager wheels to tubeless. What do I do?

Many of our wheels are Tubeless Ready (or TLR for short), which means they can be run both tubeless or with a standard tube set up. If you have Tubeless Ready wheels, you’ll just need the specific rim strips, as well as Tubeless Ready tires, valves and the Super Juice sealant. These parts can be obtained from your local dealer. TLR rim strips are specific to the model of rim, so we recommend visiting your local dealer and bringing the rim with you when ordering to ensure compatibility.

Please note that while most all of our rims feature an offset spoke bed (OSB for short) the rim strip designation of Asymmetric vs. Symmetric applies to the shape of the rim on the inside. Race Lite, RXL, and RXXXL mountain wheels will need the asymmetric strips, while Rhythm and Duster rims, which have a wider profile, will use the symmetric strip.

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