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Is there a weight limit for your bikes?

Yes, we do have a weight limit on our bikes and they are as follows:

Rider weight limit of 275lb:
  • Road bikes with drop type handlebar
  • Triathlon, time trial or Speed Concept bicycle
  • Cruisers with large 26" tires and swept-back handlebar, Bicycles that fold.

Rider weight limit of 300lbs:
  • Hybrid bicycles with 700c wheels, tires larger than 28c, and flat handlebars
  • City bicycles: hybrids with special equipment, cyclocross bicycles: with drop type handlebars, knobby 700c tires, and cantilever or disc brakes
  • Mountain bikes of all types including: standard, race, cross-country, heavy-duty, trail, all-mountain, freeride, and jumping bikes of both the hardtail and full suspension variety.

Combined Rider weight limit of 550lbs:
  • Tandem bicycles

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