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  • Do I have to re-PAIR a sensor on my digital computer?
    Not during normal use. The only time a “PAIR” is lost between a sensor and the computer head is when the battery is removed from the computer head. You do need to “Connect” the computer and sensor each time you start to re-establish the link between the sensor and the computer head.
  • Do the Trek digital computers auto start?
    Trek digital computers require the pressing of a button to wake up the computer head and to connect it with its sensors. Be sure that when you do this the wheels and cranks are moving so both speed and cadence sensors are sending a signal which is necessary for the head to connect properly to t ...
  • How do I install my digital wireless computer (Alpine, Link, ACH)?
    Please see Incite Digital Wireless Model Instructional Video (ACH Digital, Alpine & Link Models) as this covers the basics of setup and installation of your digital computer. You can also check out our owners manuals for the most current information.
  • I see two dashed lines -- on my screen. What does this mean?
    The two dashed lines let you know that the computer is in standby. To wake from standby mode, change the computer screen to show Average Speed, press both the MODE and SET buttons (the two side buttons) and spin your wheel. The computer will flash zeroes and then show a steady zero in place of ...
  • What is the difference between PAIR and Connect?
    PAIR is the process of initially linking a sensor and the computer head while Connect is re-establishing the link between a sensor and the computer head. The PAIR process is only performed during the set-up process or after battery replacement. Connect should be performed each time you use your ...
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