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  • What if I crash or otherwise damage my carbon frame or part?
    Carbon fiber is a great material for producing premium bike frames and parts. However if a carbon part or frame experiences an impact it requires more expertise to determine its integrity than is needed for a comparable metal part. If you impact your bike and the force of the impact is absorbed ...
  • What is the maximum tire size for my bike?
    Tire sizes can vary dramatically from manufacturer to manufacturer even when the stated size is the same. For this reason we do not list maximum tire sizes for our bikes and anytime you change to a tire wider then what the bike came with you will need to check for proper fit and clearance.
  • Where do I find my bike's serial number?
    You can locate the serial number for your bicycle on the underside of your bike, near the crankset and bottom bracket area. Most of our newer bikes have a decal with a serial number barcode. These serial numbers begin with WTU, WW, WL or WR. Older Trek models have the serial number stamped in t ...
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