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  • Can I use my bike on a stationary trainer?
    We understand trainers can be a great way to stay in shape over the course of a winter; however we ask that you use common sense when mounting and dismounting, and do not sprint. When clamped to a trainer, your bicycle experiences high forces that are very different from the forces that occur i ...
  • Do you have Trek frame decals?
    Due to the manufacturing technique we use for installation, we cannot make bike-specific decals available.
We use decals called “wetslides,” which are thin, paint-like decals that require a special solution for application. The decals go under the clear coat to protect them.Since this process r ...
  • Do you offer repaint services?
    No, at this time we no longer offer factory repaint services.
  • Do you offer touch up paint?
    Regrettably we do not have the ability to offer touch up paint for our bicycles. This is due to our proprietary colors, the many colors we offer each year and the limited lifespan of a vial of paint. Unfortunately it is not as simple as just bottling the paint we use for the frame production as ...
  • How can I find the geometry for a specific model?
    Geometry refers to the angles and key length dimensions of a bike frame. Geometry affects both a bike's handling and how it fits your body.You will find the geometry specifications for most of our current models on our website. When looking at a particular model there will be a geometry heading ...
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