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  • Can I get some Trek promotional stickers?
    Yes, simply send a self-addressed stamped envelope to: Trek Bicycle Attn: Stickers 801 W. Madison St. Waterloo, WI 53594
  • Do you have any Trek catalogs you can send me?
    Yes we do. We currently have three different catalogs covering the distinct areas of cycling. We have a catalog devoted to mountain bikes, road bikes and lifestyle (comfort, hybrid, urban, fitness, cruisers and kids’) bikes. Please reply with which catalogs you have interest in receiving and ...
  • Do you have Trek frame decals?
    Due to the manufacturing technique we use for installation, we cannot make bike-specific decals available.
We use decals called “wetslides,” which are thin, paint-like decals that require a special solution for application. The decals go under the clear coat to protect them.Since this process r ...
  • How do I become a Trek dealer? What if I want to sell Trek Bikes?
    Thank you for your interest in Trek Bicycles. If you are interested in becoming a Trek dealer please use the Feedback form to submit an email to us with the following information: Which product lines are you interested in? Where is your store? (store front address) Hours of operation. Estima ...