This is a reliable, low-maintenance drivetrain. Shimano's internal gear hub is located in the rear wheel and is operated using a twist-style shifter.

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Alpha Platinum: Crème de la crème

Trek's high-performance aluminum frame has butted tube shapes to ensure a good balance between strength and weight savings.

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Comfort and ease

The handlebar position can be changed with a flick of the wrist.

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Ergonomic grips

Our aim is to optimize every point of contact between rider and bike. Ergonomic grips create less pressure on your palms so that you can take the long route home!

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High-tech frame

Hydroforming technology allows us to create advanced frames that excel in terms of their light weight and rigidity.

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Hub dynamo

These bikes are fitted with efficient, high-quality Shimano hub dynamos.

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Integrated fork lights

Lighting has been integrated into the fork blades. Lights have been fitted with bright 30-lux LED lamps that create a wide and clearly visible illuminated area in front of the bike.

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Internal cable routing

We opted for internal cable routing on our L/T/X-Series bikes as we did for our Trek Madone. Functional and attractive!

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Internal gear hub

A fully enclosed gear system guarantees that you can shift gears easily and reliably under all conditions.

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Low-maintenance drivetrain

Enclosed chain guards ensure that the drivetrain is fully protected. Our internal gear hub bikes (3-, 7- and 8-speed Shimano Nexus) are all extremely reliable and efficient.

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Punkterfri dæk

Dæk med punkteringsfri udvendige lag gør at du kan bruge vores cykler, som det var meningen, nemlig med fornøjelse og uden problemer.

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Pålidelig energi

Lithium-ion teknologi - den mest stabile og kraftfulde energikilde for el-cykler. Hos Trek bruger vi kun de mest avancerede teknologier og materialer til vores RIDE+ cykler.

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Seat post suspension

We aim to make your life easier. This is why we make sure that our bikes provide you with the ultimate in comfort. Shock-absorbers in the seat post allow you to ride longer and more comfortably.

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Stepthrough design

The stepthrough frame makes getting on and off extremely easy. It's perfect for anyone who'd rather not swing his or her leg over the top tube.

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Suspension fork for comfort

The Bontrager Satellite Elite suspension fork provides additional comfort with its 45-mm stroke. The fork allows you to ride for longer and more comfortably.

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Helt ny

Den splinternye version af det driftsikre Bosch system. Mindre vibration, mindre støj, bedre ydelse.

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Bosch PowerPack 400

Bosch PowerPack 400 har 400 Wattimers kapacitet og er ægte køregal.

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LM400+ Lowstep

Kr. 18.999

Forslag til udsalgspris inkl. 25 % moms.



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