Enduro by Airstream

Setting base camp in the Rockies for the next Enduro race.

Enduro racing is the tuxedo t-shirt of the mountain bike racing world; It's quasi-formal and ready to party. A perfect retirement venue for a couple of former cross-country racers that like to party as much as Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski and Heather Irmiger. Throw in an Airstream and a couple of dogs and you're ready ride into the sunset.

No soigneurs in sight. Good thing they brought the yoga mats. Bikes look like they’ve gotten a lot of miles. Well, they brought a ton of tools. There’s nobody to hold an umbrella at the start line, but there are plenty of trees for shade. It's become clear quickly; the First Couple of mountain biking is a long way from the XC World Cup scene they dedicated so many years to.

A lot of couples hit the RV scene in retirement, even if they both have US champion jerseys hanging on the wall. But JHK and Heather are nowhere near their golden years, and they’re going even bigger in retirement than when they were rocking skinsuits and hardtails. With dogs and Airstream in tow, JHK and Heather are criss-crossing the Rockies, competing in the Big Mountain Enduro series – the US’ most prominent events in the discipline

Sure, they could stay at the resort at the base of the course. But there's a pristine campground just a few picturesque miles down the road. With the perfect spot for the Airstream secured and the dogs sufficiently exercised, the bikes are rolled out and given a once-over by the racers as the sun sets over the range. This is the rare lifestyle that Enduro racing offers.

By the end of the weekend, two large cardboard checks are wedged into the Airstream in between the Remedy 9.8s and the yoga mats. Sure they both won, but that all seemed secondary to the revelry of having a few beers after a good ride with your best friend. This is the life.

We're inspired by the great athletes who ride Trek bikes, from world champions to weekend warriors. They remind us to dream big, and motivate us to do our best.

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JHK and Heather Irmiger stay busy in retirement by taking on the fastest-growing discipline in cycling.

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