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The Skye's the limit on this fun, versatile mountain bike for women. It's capable, confident, and offers a full range of models to suit however you want to ride.

Upgrades from Skye SL

  • Hydraulic disc brakes

Alpha Gold Aluminum

Trek’s high-performance aluminum, with manipulated tube shapes to balance strength and weight saving.

Trail Ready

Trail Ready means this frame is certified for off-road use.

26" wheels

The MTB standard for versatility, light weight, and maneuverability.

9 speed

Performance-oriented gearing for performance-oriented bikes and riders.

Hydraulic disc brakes

Ultimate control and stopping power in all conditions, including wet and muddy.

Suspension lockout

Lock out the suspension fork for efficient riding on smooth terrain.

WSD: fit for women

A great-fitting bike is a joy to ride. The better the fit, the greater your comfort, stability, power, and control. And nothing fits better than Trek WSD, Women’s Specific Design.

WSD Rider Right suspension

Our WSD Rider Right spring rate is specially tuned to suit women riders for unbeatable control, comfort, and performance.