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Race Shop Limited is for the insiders. This is the real deal, the stuff you can't get everywhere or any time. It’s the rare and beautiful consequence of Trek product development collaborating with world-class athletes, and now it's available to you. Limited time, limited quantity, limited sizing. Get your order in.

Trek works with the world's best athletes to give them every possible advantage at the start line. The lessons we learn from working with the pros make all our products better, including a few select items that are a little too pro for mass consumption. Are you ready to ride pro? Then Race Shop Limited is for you.

Highlights /

  1. Ever-evolving selection Limited time and limited quantities mean these products won't be around forever... but we're always innovating, so there will always be new offerings.

  2. Limited quantity You won't see these products everywhere. We keep quantities limited to serve the lucky few who are ready to ride what the pros ride.

  3. Podium worthy This collection is to be raced. Our pro-ready products are built to fill your trophy case, not be displayed there.

  4. Built for professionals Race Shop Limited products are designed and manufactured to the exacting specifications of the world's best, most demanding riders.

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