29? 27.5? 26? Trek unravels the wheel size debate

29er? 27.5? 26?

29? 27.5? 26? Trek unravels the wheel size debate

Wheel size? Whatever's right for you.

With multiple MTB wheel sizes, deciphering what's hype and what really matters can be difficult. Fortunately, Trek has spent the past fifteen years becoming the expert on mountain bike wheel size. Lean on Trek's expertise to simplify the wheel size debate so you can decide for yourself which size mountain bike wheel is right for you.

At Trek, we believe that getting more people on bikes more often will make the world a healthier, happier place. It's our business, our passion, our mission.

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Wondering about MTB wheel size? You're in luck: we've cut through the hype and simplified the selection process for you.

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