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Experience matters. Our new X-Caliber 29 hardtail mountain bikes benefit from over 15 years of 29er R&D. They're the lightest, fastest, smartest 29" hardtails on the market.

Alpha Gold Aluminium

Trek’s high-performance aluminium, with manipulated tube shapes to balance strength and weight saving.

29" wheels

Bigger wheels carry more momentum, roll over obstacles more easily, and offer greater stability and more traction than 26" wheels.

G2 Geometry

Advanced frame geometry and a custom offset fork give our Gary Fisher Collection 29ers precise handling at low speed without compromising high-speed stability.

Sliding vertical dropouts

Accept standard QR wheels and allow for precise wheel positioning.


The ultimate in mountain bike simplicity. Only one gear, so you can stay focused on ripping up the trails.

Hydraulic disc brakes

Ultimate control and stopping power in all conditions, including wet and muddy.

Extended size range

Many Trek models feature a wider range of sizes than the industry standard, to give a better fit to more riders.

Suspension lockout

Lock out the suspension fork for efficient riding on smooth terrain.

Suspension fork

Shock-absorbing fork allows the front wheel to travel up and down over bumps while the handlebars stay steady, for a comfortable, controlled ride.

Gary Fisher Collection

Innovative bikes imagined by Gary Fisher, built by Trek.